A hairbrush is probably the most used tool in the bathroom, yet not everybody knows what is important for a good brush. A good natural brush gets the dirt, dust and residues from styling products out of your hair. Pig hair from good quality not only kneads the scalp, meanwhile the natural tallow of the scalp will be removed and will be equally divided over the scalp, but also hydrates dry hair and prevent/cares for split ends. If you regularly brush your hair with a natural brush, your hair will be more shiny and above all have more volume. Use this brush only on dry hair, for wet hair a wooden comb is the device.Besides the hair brush there is also a body brush.

Thermo line
With dry-brushing of the skin dead skin cells will be removed while blood and lympf circulation will be stimulated. As a result the toxins in your body will be drained and this will help your body to continue to be healthy. This special brush is made of horsehair and fine bronze fibers, making the brush more than just an ordinary brush. A massage with this brush helps to raise the energy level and finding balance between the mind and body. It has a neutralizing effect making the body energy flow freely.

Respect for animals & environment
All the brushes are made with respect for the environment and animals. The sawdust will be used for the drying process of the brushes and the heating of the factory.